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Interview Series: Not For Me

Project Overview:

Created as a part of a sermon series called Not For Me, this project included 4 different interviews for each week of the sermon series. The Creative Team built a custom set on a “sound stage” to imitate a coffee shop, and each week I sat down and talked with a member of our church to hear their story about how God moved in their life in a way that related to the sermon’s topic.

This video series sparked 2020’s year-long project: 52 Stories, which I helped develop.

Project Victories and Learnings:

  • Built a custom set to film on
  • Used multiple boom mics (as opposed to lapels)
  • Shot with 3 cameras in S-log2 to color match/grade appropriately
    • 2 Sony A7S bodies (A7S I and A7S II, respectively) and a Black Magic Pocket Cinema
  • Created a branded series, with custom animated titling and lower thirds
  • This was our first shoot with B-roll, so developing a series with the pastors with enough lead time to execute was a good learning experience for all parties.
  • Although the look of an interview without lapel mics was ideal, the distance of the boom mics from the source was not.
    • Achieving the vocal clarity desired in post-production was a less-than-ideal system, and I would consider using lapels if I couldn’t get a better field recording.


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