• Unfailing Love (Psalm 25)

    Unfailing Love (Psalm 25)

    A re-release of Unfailing Love (Psalm 25) from the Psalms Project, this version is a remix, remaster and features me on vocals.

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  • Don’t Let Me Go

    Don’t Let Me Go

    Song Story: Written in the wake of the Atlanta Spa Shootings in 2021, I found myself reeling. I had just released To the Dawn and was feeling better about myself, when two days later the news broke. As I continued to wrestle with my newly-understood identity of “Asian American,” the headlines continued to tell me…

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  • p e a c e (Cover)

    p e a c e (Cover)

    This is an arrangement of “peace” by Hillsong Young and Free. Recorded, mixed and mastered by myself.

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  • The Psalms Project

    The Psalms Project

    The Psalms Project is one of the highlights of my time at Schweitzer Church. During the summer of 2018, my team and I met weekly to write and produce these songs. Song Credits Psalm 1(feat. Kristy Stacy & KJ Roelke) Music & Lyrics by: KJ RoelkeAssistant Producer:Josh Barry All the Earth (Psalm 8)[feat. Heather Visser]…

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