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Published May 31, 2021

Nothing to Fear (SATO48-2021)

Award-Winning Short Film Winner of Best Pop Culture Reference Winner of Best Sound Design Runner Up for Best Original Song Runner Up for Best Cinematography Top 5 for Best Film Top 5 for Best Credits Top 10 for Best Lead [...]
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Published March 16, 2020

“Behind the Scenes” Sermon Bumpers

Made for a sermon series called “Behind the Scenes,” each episode follows the journey of Taylor, the “helpful” staff member who represents the idea of the sermon for the week. Credits: Written and Directed by KJ Roelke Filmed and Edited [...]
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Published February 03, 2020

52 Stories: Norma Gordon

No excerpt [...]
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Published November 16, 2019

Interview Series: Not For Me

Project Overview: Created as a part of a sermon series called Not For Me, this project included 4 different interviews for each week of the sermon series. The Creative Team built a custom set on a “sound stage” to imitate a coffee [...]
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Published April 14, 2019

Punch War (SATO48-2019)

No excerpt [...]
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Published December 24, 2018

Christmas Eve 2018

A Christmas Eve Service unlike anything we had ever experienced. [...]
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Published June 11, 2017

Little Books with a Big Punch: Sermon Illustration

One of four clips used as a sermon series bumper video going through some of the minor prophets of the Old Testament. I wrote the script, directed the video, recorded the VO, composed the score, and mixed the audio. Animation [...]
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Published February 25, 2017

Good Friday (2017)

Judas and Peter both betrayed Jesus in their own way. But afterwards, Judas went into isolation and Peter found comfort in community. In this modern reimagining of the crucifixion, both of these disciples’ stories are told through the lens of [...]
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Featured image for “Women in the Bible (A Collection of Short Films)”
Published August 29, 2016

Women in the Bible (A Collection of Short Films)

This is a collection of 5 different short films. [...]
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