Why Kingdom One Is a WordPress Multisite

KJ RoelkeWeb Development Leave a Comment

Look, I’m happy to have people disagree with me, but at the time, it made sense, okay?

In addition to the brief video, basically there are a couple of advantages to using a WordPress Multisite installation:

  • 1 directory for every site in the Network
    • Themes
    • Plugins
    • Users
  • 1 directory means 1 place to update everything (huzzah?)
  • 1 directory means a lot less files (and thus, a smaller overall size) per website. Yay!

There are also some “major” drawbacks to using a WordPress Multisite installation:

  • We can’t use a staging site (hence our playground.kingdomone.co site)
  • Sometimes, plugins don’t make work the way you expect because they recognize they’re in a multisite environment
  • If you’re going to use Custom Post Types, you pretty much always have to make a plugin per site (otherwise CPT UI is going to load the same post types for every site in the Network).

That’s the long and short of it.

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