What’s the Plan?

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All effective plans do one of two things. They either:

  1. Clarifies how somebody can do business with us
  2. Removes the sense of risk somebody might have if they’re considering investing in our products or services

The Process Plan

A “Process Plan” describes the steps a customer needs to take to buy/use a product. This type of plan is all about alleviating confusion.

3 Examples

  • Pre-Purchase Plan
    1. Schedule an appointment
    2. Allow us to create a customized plan
    3. Let’s execute the plan together.
  • The Post-Purchase Plan
    1. Download the software
    2. Integrate your database into our system
    3. Revolutionize your customer interaction
  • The Hybrid Pre-Post Purchase Plan
    1. Test drive a car
    2. Buy said car
    3. Free maintenance for life

The Agreement Plan

“If the Process Plan is about alleviating confusion, the “Agreement Plan” is about alleviating fear. A list of agreements you make with your customers to help them overcome their fear of doing business with you.”

Building a Storybrand, p. 90

These often work in the background—they don’t have to be featured on the homepage, but as customers get to know you, they’ll sense a deeper level of connection with the brand.

List all the things a customer might be concerned about as it relates to the product/service you offer, then counter it with agreements that will alleviate their fears.

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