Getting Rid of “The Blog” in Cornerstone

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When you first spin up a WordPress Site and install Pro Theme (or a Child), the blog posts “always” have a “The Blog” title. Chances are, you probably don’t want that on your posts, but there’s not a clear way to remove it…unless you know how to code.

Here’s a really quick hack!

In the Cornerstone Visual Builder, click on the CSS button nearby the Breakpoint Preview buttons.

The CSS and JS buttons

Make sure you navigate to the “Global CSS” layout. Depending on how you launched Cornerstone, you might have 2 tabs, one that says “Global CSS” and another that will say “Layout/Page/Header/Footer CSS.”

All you need to drop in is that code! As a block, that’s

header.x-header-landmark {

That takes care of it. Since it’s a Global CSS style, it will get called on every page. If you wanted to be specific (and specificity is always a plus), you could apply it only to a Layout CSS style for the blog post singles, but if you aren’t using the Layout builder, then Global CSS is the place to put it!

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