Contributing To The Training

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Hi there!

So you want to contribute to the training, eh? Good for you! Documentation is so important, and yet organizations almost never make time for it.

So, in the spirit of good documentation, here’s how to contribute to our documentation!

Get An Account

Talk to an admin about this. Chances are, it’s gonna be Nick or KJ.

Make Some Content

You’ll mostly be writing a post (or attaching a video to a post). It’s pretty simple. There are only a few things to remember!

  1. Categories = Talent Groups
  2. Tags = Topics Covered
  3. Post Format Appropriately (basically, switch it to “Video” if you’re adding a video training, otherwise keep it as “Standard”)

That’s pretty much it!

Oh, also, a quick word on Heading Usage:

  • Never use an Heading 1. Those are reserved for the title of the page.
  • Headings 2-4 are sub-headings like you’d normally expect.

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