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Published July 12, 2021

Unfailing Love (Psalm 25)

A re-release of Unfailing Love (Psalm 25) from the Psalms Project, this version is a remix, remaster and features me on vocals. [...]
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Published July 12, 2021


Charlie, a successful real estate marketer, lives an effortless life at the hands of his digital assistant, ZETA. When ZETA discovers that Charlie has been keeping secrets, “she” sees it as a threat to her purpose in life. As ZETA [...]
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Published May 31, 2021

Nothing to Fear (SATO48-2021)

Award-Winning Short Film Winner of Best Pop Culture Reference Winner of Best Sound Design Runner Up for Best Original Song Runner Up for Best Cinematography Top 5 for Best Film Top 5 for Best Credits Top 10 for Best Lead [...]
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Published April 23, 2021

Don’t Let Me Go

Song Story: Written in the wake of the Atlanta Spa Shootings in 2021, I found myself reeling. I had just released To the Dawn and was feeling better about myself, when two days later the news broke. As I continued [...]
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Published March 25, 2021

To the Dawn

My single, To the Dawn, is available on all major music platforms for stream and purchase. [...]
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Published February 25, 2021

BLACKPINK’s How You Like That

I flipped the genre of this K-pop/EDM banger and made it heavy rock head-banger. All music performed, mixed and mastered by me. [...]
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Published February 25, 2021

“It’s Raining (비가와)” by Vincent Blue (Cover)

In an effort to be more comfortable speaking Korean, I decided to cover a song a month during 2021. This is the first installment: “It’s Raining” by Vincent Blue. [...]
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Featured image for “An Adoptee’s perspective on being Asian American”
Published December 31, 2020

An Adoptee’s perspective on being Asian American

Originally written for a different publication, here is my answer to the prompt: What does being Asian American mean to you? [...]
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Featured image for “p e a c e (Cover)”
Published October 21, 2020

p e a c e (Cover)

This is an arrangement of “peace” by Hillsong Young and Free. Recorded, mixed and mastered by myself. [...]
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