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Published November 02, 2023

WordPress hacks with custom blocks development and block.json

I keep not finding the answer that I’m looking for, so here’s a quick bit of info about developing custom blocks for the Gutenberg / block editor with the block.json file and the default @wordpress/scripts config. Here’s a picture of [...]
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Published October 09, 2023

An intermediate roadmap to WordPress development

A learning roadmap for developers who have some level of experience with web development, generally, but perhaps not with WordPress specifically. [...]
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Published October 01, 2023

Chuseok, 3 years later.

3 years ago, I celebrated Chuseok (추석) for the first time in my life. I was 27, and my wife was the only family I had near me. Chuseok, also known as Korean Thanksgiving Day, is one of the most [...]
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Published February 22, 2023

Why I became a web developer

While hopefully just as entertaining and insightful as other things I do, this post is about how I became a web developer, (without trying to sell you on anything). [...]
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Published January 02, 2023

On “Feeling White” in Korean Spaces

This past weekend, Sara and I went to Zion Market to grab some pre-made Korean food for a New Year celebration with some friends. As we walked up to the store, Sara asked me, “Do you ever feel…white…walking into stores [...]
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Published November 15, 2022

An Apology for Episode 109 of The Janchi Show

Hi there! In keeping with the trend of ‘posting differently’ (with regards to social media), I wanted to write an apology for how I spoke on Episode 109 of the Janchi Show. Since the episode dropped, a listener reached out [...]
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Published November 10, 2022

Weary [Song Story]

The story behind the single “Weary,” released November 19, 2022 [...]
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Published November 05, 2022

National Adoption Awareness Month

I’ll not say I’m excited to be observing National Adoption Awareness Month, but I am grateful for the space to do so. As I continue my journey into defining who I am post-adoption-apocalypse, this seems an important and necessary step. [...]
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Published October 09, 2022

Adoption Apocalypse: An alternative to “Coming out of the fog.”

For many of adoptees who were adopted as babies, our lives begin on our “gotcha” day. What we don’t often realize is that we come pre-packaged with our own mythologies. For me, my story often begins with “I was born [...]
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