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EP Artwork: a mountain range is set behind wisps of fog across a lake. The words To The Dawn are set centered in the image, and below it is the artist's name, KJ Roelke

To the Dawn

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Song Story

When I started writing this song, I thought it was just for me (and in a lot of ways, it still is). I never thought I would share it with anyone.⁣⁣
I’m grateful that I finally got out of my own way.⁣⁣
I’m grateful that I’ve begun to unlearn all the ways I’ve been gatekeeping myself—telling myself I’m not good enough to do/be x, y and/or z.⁣⁣
I realized, though, that it might give language to another #adoptee or person dealing with #depression who doesn’t quite have the words to explain to a loved one (or themselves) how they feel.⁣⁣
In the #transracialadoptee space I’ve been hanging out in lately, a term we use a lot is “coming out of the fog.” To me, the only thing that beats the fog is the dawn—streaks of sunlight breaking up the cloud that doesn’t know its place. Sometimes powerful, sometimes understated, the sun is often a source of warmth and comfort, and also a target of anger or sadness if I feel like it’s not doing enough (aka every winter in the Midwest).⁣⁣
Wherever you find yourself, whether in the valley of despair or the mountaintop of joy, dawn always breaks. There is always a light at the end of a tunnel, even if you can’t see it. Don’t go it alone. Find your fellow traveler—I guarantee you have one.⁣⁣
Make your way to the dawn.⁣


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