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The Psalms Project

The Psalms Project is one of the highlights of my time at Schweitzer Church. During the summer of 2018, my team and I met weekly to write and produce these songs.

Song Credits

Psalm 1
(feat. Kristy Stacy & KJ Roelke)
Music & Lyrics by: KJ Roelke
Assistant Producer:Josh Barry
All the Earth (Psalm 8)
[feat. Heather Visser]
Music by:KJ Roelke
Lyrics by:
Ruth Schafer, Kat Kelley and KJ Roelke
Unfailing Love (Psalm 25)
[feat. Vincent Nolden]
Music & Lyrics by:KJ Roelke
Wicked People (Psalm 37)
[feat. Taylor Likes]
Music & Lyrics by: Taylor Likes
Bass Guitar: Darrell Haase
Piano:Stephanie Haase
Overwhelmed (Psalm 88)
[feat. KJ Roelke]
Music by: Josh Barry
Lyrics by: Corey Beveridge
Confession (Psalm 32)
[feat. KJ Roelke]
Music & Lyrics by: Josh Barry
Assistant Producer: John Craigmyle
Every Day (I’ll Praise Your Name)
[Psalm 145] [feat. Shawn Keech]
Music & Lyrics by: Shawn Keech
Co-Produced by: Shawn Keech
Wait (Psalm 131) [feat. Sky Davidson and Cindy Ballard]Music by: Cindy Ballard, Josh Barry and Skyler Davidson
Lyrics by: Taylor Likes and Skyler Davidson
Piano: Stephanie Haase
Acoustic Guitar:Darrell Haase and KJ Roelke
Background Vocals: Stephanie Haase, Deric Bacon, Josh Barry and KJ Roelke
God is My Shepherd (Psalm 23)
[feat. Kathy Hopper]
Music by: KJ Roelke, Stephanie Haase, Kathy Hopper and Josh Barry
Lyrics by: Ruth Schafer and Kathy Hopper
Assistant Producer: John Craigmyle
Every Created Thing (Psalm 148
[feat. Laura Burton]
Music & Lyrics by: Taylor Likes
Background Vocals: Stephanie Haase and KJ Roelke


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